Unlock the Value Of Your Assets with Hilco Fixed Asset Recovery's On-Site Liquidation Services

A Customized Program for Your Unique Circumstances

The type of business, time constraints, facility locations, and the scope and nature of the FF&E assets to be sold all have a bearing on which strategic marketing and sales approach will work best. Hilco considers all these and other factors in developing a results-oriented, one-off solution that's customized to your situation.

Respect and Regard for the Integrity of Your Intellectual Property

We understand the importance of maintaining brand integrity and know how to properly handle the removal and destruction of all forms of intellectual property as may be associated with the disposition of FF&E. Our field consultants and contractors are thoroughly trained to identify, remove, and properly dispose of identity-related elements such as signs, window treatments, flooring treatments, and other forms of decorative accents.

Guaranteed Compliance With Municipalities and Landlords

Our "broom clean" assurances go far beyond a general clean-up following a sale. As may be required, our contractors will cap electrical and plumbing service outlets, restore concrete floors and walls, replace glass, doors, trim and other components, and then thoroughly clean the facility. Rest assured, we will leave your facilities in full compliance with local ordinances and/or leasehold requirements.

Local level support assures our marketing and sales programs are stronger and more effective

Hilco is organized to provide clients with full service through a network of:

  • 175 field consultants across North America
  • Regional consultant supervisors
  • Hilco-qualified service contractors across North America

The unique infrastructure enables us to manage every aspect of your disposition program - from dismantling to moving to site reconstruction - with our own people at the point of sale. We have eliminated the need to shuttle personnel back and forth from a central office location. The time and cost savings can be significant.

A local presence also means we can do more quality selling work on your behalf. In addition to tapping into our huge international database of known FF&E buyers, our local field consultants can leverage their local connections to potential buyers, including other area businesses and local FF&E resellers.

Retail Stores

During any kind of store closing, relocating, renovating, or going out of business sale, we will leverage the opportunity to sell through fixed assets. Indeed, to maximize the results of store fixed assets, there is no dispute that selling them alongside the inventory yields far greater results than selling fixed assets after everything shuts down.


Do you have sensitive intellectual property you want to protect from misuse? No problem. Our team provides expert de-branding solutions and physical IP destruction to ensure your intellectual property is not misused after your exit.

Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Offices & Other Facilities

As with brick and mortar retail, companies often call on our team to help monetize fixed assets in warehouses, distribution centers, corporate offices, or other facilities. Our teams will conduct due diligence and provide value estimates free of charge, allowing you to make informed decisions and structure transactions with shared upside if we exceed our estimates.

Whether you are looking to remodel, relocate, renovate, or close any type of store or facility, our team can offer you cash for your fixed assets.

We Don’t Just Recycle. We Up-cycle.

Instead of discarding or recycling assets, we can help you up-cycle them! Our green process of reusing your liquidated fixtures keeps thousands of tons of material from entering landfills or being recycled.

To learn more about our On-Site Liquidation and Retail Fixture Up-cycling processes please contact one of our experienced sales team members today!